10 Big Mistakes in Running an Affiliate Marketing

10 Big Mistakes in Running an Affiliate Marketing Business 2020

10 Big Mistakes in Running an Affiliate Marketing We are here to guide you to become an efficient affiliate marketer and avoid affiliate marketing mistakes to get your hands on a steady income every month.


Those of you who have long been in the world of online business is certainly no stranger to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective programs to get a large income through the Internet with a relatively short time and great results. The way it works is quite easy. You have to sell products that have affiliations to consumers. If there is a sale, then you will get a commission following the initial agreement.

Here are some Comen Problems.

Join Other Affiliate Marketing Programs

The second mistake is to follow too many other affiliate marketing programs; indeed this has no restrictions, but as a beginner, you must focus on the affiliate marketing program that you are taking at the moment, don’t by other affiliate marketing programs that offer attractive offers for you. Because by joining many affiliates, your mind, so there is no one that you run successfully because of lack of focus.

Too Hard Sell

Usually, beginners are too frontal to offer products that they follow, making the existing content on the website seem too forced. The most important thing is that your website’s content can educate readers on why they should buy through your affiliate link. Not create content with links such as “Buy Now,” “Please Buy,” because the word seems too hard to sell and too pushy. More Ways to Earn

Incorrect Choosing Affiliate Programs

Many people are wrong to join the affiliate program because of the lure of a hefty commission. Choose an affiliate program that makes you interested, so that you will not be substantial when running it. Before choosing an affiliate program, you can also research the product you will sell in advance. Once you are sure and reliable, then you will run it with confidence and enthusiasm.

Low Knowledge of Products

Recognizing the products you sell will undoubtedly get you more trust and credibility from customers. At least, you know the advantages and disadvantages of these products so that if you explain the product, it does not seem less fabricated.

No tracking of affiliate links

Not tracking affiliate links is a trivial mistake; why can it be called small? Because if there is a sale, you can not know which products, so you can not maximize the products that are prospects to scale up. To make it easier to track it, you can use URL shortener services, such as goo.gl, bitly.com.

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No Comparison

One of the best techniques besides conducting a review is to make comparisons with other equivalent products. When people make a product purchase, they tend to narrow the choices to just 2 or 3, with a comparison of these products, it can help buyers decide which product is the best. Don’t forget to insert the affiliate link you have on each product so that if a purchase transaction occurs, you get a commission.

Easily Tempted New Affiliate Marketing

New affiliate programs usually offer many features and bonuses for those who want to join. This strategy does attract a lot of other affiliate marketers to join. Still, the problem is that affiliate marketing is a business that requires a high focus so that if many affiliate programs that even make it unfocused, which ultimately actually makes everything not successful.

Doesn’t Have Your Website

In the world of affiliate marketing, it to have your website. Because with a website, you can do product promotions to consumers by way of product reviews and comparisons. Besides that, the website functions as your identity, so the more famous your website domain is, the more excellent the opportunity for the products you have to sell.

Unattractive Website

Having a website is not enough if the content therein is less attractive to visitors. Aside from the content side, to attract visitors, it can also be in terms of user-friendly design with easy navigation buttons and also so that your website is. You can also add a discussion forum.

Choosing an Affiliate with a High Payment Limit

Some affiliate programs set a high payment threshold, so you have to struggle to reach the specified limit. Look for affiliates who offer payments for periods that are not too long or at least look for weekly periods with no payment threshold.

How? Are you ready to become a successful affiliate marketer? To succeed in the affiliate business, you must avoid the ten mistakes above. Apart from that, you also have to start to manage your finances. To make it easier to manage funds on a business, you can use accounting software. Journal is online accounting software that makes it easy for you to manage your business finances quickly and safely.


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